Raymond Aaron, the nation’s number #1 success and investment coach, has developed the ultimate step-by-step guide to branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Branding, the lifeblood of all successful businesses, is something that many small business owners mistakenly overlook. With Branding Small Business For Dummies, veteran branding and marketing expert Raymond Aaron guides you through every aspect of branding…from why your business can’t survive without it to the ultimate secrets to building a successful brand (that even some of the big guys don’t know!)

Inside Branding Small Business For Dummies, you’ll discover:

  • The complete ins and outs of branding
  • Tips you can really use to create your own brand
  • How to make and maintain a powerful brand
  • How to avoid the biggest branding mistakes small businesses make
  • The 10 most common myths about branding
  • And much, much more!